Sell your house fast, without the hassles! Repairs? Paperwork? We handle it all in a friendly and efficient manner. We Buy Houses San Antonio.

Get A Cash Offer

The process only takes a couple of minutes and there is absolutely no-obligation. Why not see what you can get?

"He was very helpful in every way. I would recommend him and his company
to anyone selling their house. It has been a very pleasant experience."  

- John Rohm, San Antonio, TX

1How do I get you to make me an offer? 
Fill out the contact form! We are also reachable directly by phone and text – (210) 254-0179.
2Do you pay market value? Will you need or use an appraisal? How do you determine the offer amount?
Every home owner’s situation is different. Things we take in to consideration include the age and condition of a home, costs of needed repairs, and your urgency for selling.
3Are there fees or any costs? 
No fees or hidden costs. Whatever number we agree to is the number that will match your check from the title company
4I need to sell my house fast. How long will it take for me to get an offer to sell my house to one of your investors?
It could take as little as 24 to 48 hours!
5What if my house needs repairs?
Not a Problem, Vmoney will buy your house as is.
6I’m behind on my loan, should I make another payment? 
No. In most cases we able to stop home foreclosure with just a few phone calls!
7If you buy my house before the bank forecloses, will that save my credit? 
Yes. If we buy it and prevent the foreclosure from happening, your credit will still take a hit from the late payments but it won’t trash it, because we will make the payments on time from there on.
8Will you buy my house if it’s vacant?
Yes. Vmoney buys houses regardless of whether they are occupied or not.
9Will you buy my house if I have a bad tenant in there now? 
Yes. We love enforcing the law to people who take advantage of other people
10My house is presently listed for sale. Will you still buy my house? 
Yes, It makes no difference whether it is listed or not. Vmoney will just need to get in touch with your Realtor that’s all.
11If I have moved out of the area, do I have to come back into town for closing? 
No. You can complete your end of the closing at most attorney’s offices and your check will be mailed to you next day air with a tracking number.
12I owe more than my house is worth. Can you help me? 
Yes. Vmoney prides himself in being very creative and find solutions where most people don’t. That is why his team is able to buy more houses because if you want to sell Vmoney will find a way to buy it!


VMoney Buys Houses in The San Antonio Area without the hassles that traditional home sellers go through.  Without the endless paperwork that half of us don’t even understand anyway.  We handle it all in a friendly, win/win environment. 

Our house buying process is simple:

1st, we meet with you at the property to understand your specific situation.  2nd, We answer any questions until you are satisfied and this transaction can be a win/win for both of us.  Lastly, because we pay CASH, you have the flexibility to close on your schedule.  Image, you get to Skip the repairs and go straight to CASH!

Pay No Fees or Commissions – Whatever number you and I agree to, you can count on that number matching your check from the title company!

If we put it under contract, we will close it.  We have successfully bought many homes in San Antonio.  We know our market and we only buy in town. 


  • Lisa Shears

    This was a wonderful and simple process. They were very helpful and accomodating! They are organized like a large company but provided the warmth of a family business. It was the easiest part of our whole move.

    Lisa Shears
    San Antonio, TX

Get A Cash Offer

The process only takes a couple of minutes and there is absolutely no-obligation. Why not see what you can get?